The company I used to like the most, has turned into a pile of steaming bullshit crap.

Just saw this Apple ad on YouTube and out of curiosity watched it to understand the hype.

Description says 108 seconds and video ends in 107 seconds. Idiots.

Well, let's ignore that, but the video is shit fast and made me dizzy.

Neither was I able to read 90% of words and text, nor did I understand what crap they came up with in this new version where one needs to sell both their Lungs to afford it as Kidneys are not alone enough now.

A company which started as a counter culture idea has became one of the most mainstream, status quo brands in the history of capitalism.

Sad to see that stupid humans buy this crap and fall for something which can be achieved in less than 100$.

Fuck you Apple. Steve must be turning in his grave.

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    I like the idea behind Apple under Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. Under Tim Cook however, it's all gone down the drain. Back then the claim "Think Different" was reasonable, fully appropriate even. But nowadays... Hell no.
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    This is big *SHIT*.
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    Yesterday I went to pre-order the iPhone Xs. I stopped at checkout when I thought. Other then a big ass screen, what does this new phone actually do differently anymore?
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    ... Like a chicken on a BBQ
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    I feel the same towards Google these past few years.
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    To Apple's defense, YouTube sometimes changes the length of videos by a second or so.
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    "something which can be achieved in less than 100$."
    And yet no one do that at same level of quality.
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    What about the "deathgrip"?
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    @ngBuild People with Apple devices are happy, people without Apple devices aren't happy that people with Apple devices are happy.
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    The seconds thing is because of youtube, not apple.

    I know a song whivh is 24minutes anywhere, but when you upload it to youtube it will be 23:59
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    @ngBuild And that's great, mate. No need to get worked up on that. I personally feel that's it's a waste of money, but then again, most things are overpriced nowadays, which makes sense since people are willing to pay an unlimited amount of money for the same product.
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    @Jilano Overpriced compared to similar spec PC?
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    @ngBuild Suuure. Then your keyboard and touchpad fails because it got a bit dusty, your entire 3v rail fails because the pdcb is engineered as cheaply as possible and blew a fuse, you keep missing the "esc" key because its a stupid touchbar button now, and the thing will be entirely useless in three years because OSX will stop supporting it.

    Yeah, no. There's a reason my webservers run on Amiga based hardware.
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    MacBooks are reasonably good laptops. Not the only good laptops, Zenbook & XPS are great as well.

    MacBooks have their faults: weak coating on displays, bad keyboards, WiFi antennas aren't great, and their cooling solution is sub par.

    I dislike OSX, but I can see why others like it, personal taste & habits I guess — Linux runs fine on my MacBook, but also without any issue on my co-worker's XPS/Zenbook machines. Especially Linux Mint pretty much "just works", regardless of hardware.

    But OK, let's disregard MacBooks: let's talk phones.

    I was on the verge of switching from Android to iPhone, mostly because I feel like Apple does have one big selling point: privacy. It's quite hard to fully privacy-proof an Android phone, and Despite iOS not being open source, it seems Apple is taking great care of their users.

    But with Tim cook's strategy to increase prices instead of sales, you're paying $800-1200 for what should be a $400-600 phone, and that trendline seems to have only started.

    I don't think this is a good strategy. There will always be loyal iPhone users, but there will be many thinking: "I have $600 to spend, shall I buy a used ugly old iPhone with a refurbished screen, or check out this brand new Android phone from Samsung/Huawei/whatever"
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    @bittersweet "you're paying $800-1200 for what should be a $400-600 phone"
    In situation where everyone are just copying piss out of iphones, they can do this I guess.
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    @norman70688 Of course they CAN, but I don't think it's smart.

    I think the average middle class family would blindly buy 2x $600 phones every 2 years, handing down used phones to their kids. Kids grow up, buy their own iPhone, because they grew up with that brand loyalty.

    At $1200? Suddenly it becomes much more attractive to get the whole family the latest $300 Motorola for Christmas. I think the price gap is increasing so much that people will leave their ecosystem for it. Apple has the monopoly on iOS, but not on the whole smartphone market.
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    @bittersweet "I think the price gap is increasing so much that people will leave their ecosystem for it."

    You mean like the first iPhone 11 years ago? It was more expensive than Nokia N95 which was top tier device featuring 5Mpx camera, gps, dual speakers, removable battery, SD card and stuff like that iphone didn't have.
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    The difference is that the first iPhone was much better in terms of UX for most users.

    When the first iPhone launched, the competition required you to read manuals. Apple was able to charge a premium because of its intuitive features, not because of raw specs.

    My mother in law really doesn't care which chip is in a phone, or how many megapixels the selfie cam has.

    She wants an easy to use OS. That's all.

    With both Android and iOS being fairly easy to use now, I think Apple has much less room to test consumer loyalty through price increases.
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    @norman70688 Yes. Even though some other brands like to increase their prices for no good reasons, Apple's products tend to be more expensive for similar hardware/performance.
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    @bittersweet Exactly, they entered into new market segment with weaker spec, yet more expensive device (and it was all about specs back then) and nailed it. It would be fun to see them failing this time with that pricing politics, but I doubt it will happen.

    @Jilano Yes I agree, price tag is higher but when it comes to money, are you considering also aftermarket value? I just browsed used laptop ads and found that 3 year old similar spec 3th gen x1 carbon is asked half the price of its competitor, early 2015 13" macbook pro and those two machines had around $1500 price tag when they came out. So yeah, that's relative.
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    @Gregozor2121 what's the deathgrip? Never heard that term before 🤔
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    The counter point is of course my coworker:

    "I hate that the new iPhone will cost me €1200, but I have spent about three times that amount in the app store, so I have no choice"

    Poor guy, I really feel for him 😄
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    @ngBuild I live in the Netherlands. Law was changed a while back, you can get a contract, but the phone counts as a loan for credit purposes. It's usually not that big a deal, but at least in my circles most people still switched to pay upfront.

    The Dutch system has no built-up reputation credit score like the US, instead credit rating is usually based on income minus all existing loans. For that reason, credit cards are not very popular here either because they decrease your mortgage limit.
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    It's always 🍿 interesting to read the comments when someone ranted about Apple (¬‿¬)
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    @bittersweet I don't think that guy really regrets his choice.
    Those contracts are probably why they had courage to bump the prices, because it's only 50€/mo, not that scary 1200€ once.
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    Actually these types of Ads are becoming more and more common now. Other companies are copying this type
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    @Floydian this might make you feel better https://youtu.be/CNJfAqazdvw
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    @EloquentPrick hahahahahahahah FUCKING brilliant. Made my day.

    Bhenchod chutiya hai Apple. Gaand maarni chahiye unki
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    Apple is so fucking jackasses...
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    @Condor Hell yes
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    @Hell yes! :P
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    @ngBuild in terms of crappiness? Well, absolutely yes.
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    What I wonder is this: after spending 1k+ on a phone or 2.5k+ on a laptop, can you really afford to be objective?

    How many quirks does one ignore after investing so much in a device?
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    @Commodore what are the quirks?
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    @ngBuild I have a flawlessly working laptop where I can go even further and exchange components if I need to upgrade them. It's about 6 years old now. Never had issues.
    It also has all the necessary ports so I wont need to spend money on adapters.
    Nicely working devices exist which are not Apple. It is however never the mainstream stuff you find at the counter, usually.
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