I was at my uncle's village.
Where getting internet is big thing,very far from main city.
I was talking with one shopkeeper.
I told him ,I am software developer.

He ask me questions that
"How can I improve my business using software?"

To help me figure out situation.
He told me problems he is facing right now.
Accounting/inventory management/contact's with big retailers.

He was so genuinely explaining it.

He don't want next billion dollar startup.

He want to solved his problem.

I am really impressed after that conversation because person who don't know what is excel is talking about ERP software.

I am going to develop that software.


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    I wish you good luck! Are you doing this for free or otherwise?
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    It is heart warming when you bump into someone rational.
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    free for them.
    If it work properly then I will sale to other peoples
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    @import-fun I took up something like this and worked on it free of cost. Some important things you must keep in mind is that you should :

    - be very well aware of what you are getting yourself into. If you are in this alone, make sure you don't bite more than you can chew.

    - plan everything out way ahead of time before doing any actual coding. Have a clear idea about the scope and scale of the project at every stage. Make sure you and the client understand each other really well.

    - decide who will maintain the code, debug and provide support to the users. Trust me, they're gonna annoy the shit outta you calling you for every little thing.

    - create a manual or a training video explaining how to use your software and its various features.

    - if you are doing this for money, make sure you write up a contract specifying the scale/details of the work you are gonna do and the time it would take to accomplish each stage of the project. Thereafter only comply to the terms agreed upon in the contract, otherwise people will take advantage of you.

    Sadly, I learned all of this the hard way. I was exploited for my good intentions. I just wanted to do something good but ended up paying a big price.
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    Thank you man for information.

    I will keep above msg in my important notes.
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    I'd also advice to set up some contract or what ever if it's free to handle liabilities and stuff...
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    @Wack kk
    It will run on my server so I will use data for sure.
    Too understand bsns flow
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    I know you're a developer and would prefer to code it all by yourself, which is good if you're doing it as a generic open source solution, or commercial, but please have a look at options (mainly open source) which are already on the market, and see what can you use to satisfy most of the requriements, and then think what to develop to satisfy the rest. Don't try to do it all by yourself, ERP is a lot bigger area than you may think.

    An example: http://inoideas.org - ready for production use, and there's even an online demo you can use to present to the customer.

    But it's just tip of the iceberg in what is there on the market, and OS.
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    ty for suggestion
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    @cylonRaider yes! ERPs can have nightmare inducing levels of complexity. I built up an entire inventory management system from scratch all by myself. There were times during the development when I got so frustrated that I felt like abandoning everything and jumping off of a cliff.

    It was meant for a local pharmaceutical distributor. Which itself made things a 100 times worse. I encountered so many layers of complexity in each of their operations. But I somehow managed to pull it off. It was 2 years ago and they're still using it.
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    @bigus-dickus I had developed ERP for cloth shop
    So I can understand your frustration.
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    #respect for you
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    Lookup ERPNext
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    Hey don't do everything from scratch there the plenty ERP sorta thing open sourced on git. So build on top of that.
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    @rEaL-jAy cool ✌️ but a reason would be great too.
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    @rEaL-jAy I got that. I also regretted using some open sourced project and didn't care about looking at issues. But there're some well maintained open-source project too. You gotta see the issues before you pick πŸ˜‰
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