mongo in slang means idiot, which comes from the term mongol or mongoloid, which is a deprecated word that used to be used for sufferers of down syndrome. So MongoDB means "Down Syndrom Data Base"

Also mongo means huge, so it may have been named after that.

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    @kgbemployee it really wasn't a diss to MongoDB, I have actually never touched it. The name just caught my eyes!
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    I don't know where you're from, but your culture is racist as fuck.
    Mongoloid refers to a large ethnic group living in East Asia. Mongolia, parts of East Russia, China, Korean peninsula, Japan, China, Indochina peninsula.

    It's like saying that Caucasians are synonymous to retards.
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    "Mongoloid" was not originally a word used to describe people with Down syndrome. It's a deprecated scientifically racist term brought by white scientists to describe Asian people and justify the idea of of a white superiority against other races. It was later associated to down syndrome because a lot of people who have it have slanted eyes.

    As for Mongolians, they're named Mongolians, not "mongoloids".
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    @paulwillyjean @AndSoWeCode ++ for the history. Was studying this a couple months back
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    HAHAAA! Down Syndrome Database! i refuse to see it the other way :D
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    @AndSoWeCode @paulwillyjean this was not what I intended this to go. To my defense almost everything I said here was from googling "mongo", and hitting fist question titled "What does Mongo mean in slang?". I am NOT a racist.
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    @paulwillyjean yes Mongolians are Mongolians. They're also mongoloids. Apparently so are all native americans and polynesians.
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    @115105109 that's why I didn't call you a racist. You might not know the true meaning of the word, but the fact that you came up with THAT meaning, shows that you're in the presence of some racist elements that you do not necessarily control.

    @paulwillyjean explained it I guess.
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    @AndSoWeCode I repeat again, I googled that in english, and that meaning has came out of the english language. There are some racism going on where I live, I don't deny it, but it's far less than what you see in many other countries!
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