What boss? I quite enjoy being my own boss, and just dicking around with whatever projects I feel like doing at the time 😋
The salary on the other hand is just as nonexistent as my boss 😥 but I don't want to inherit some douche's "server" contrivance with spaghetti wires dangling all over the place...

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    So you do not plan on working somewhere. Did I get it right?
    Do you want to work as a selfemployed person?
    If yes, would not you have to work with someone's server then?
    I mean, earlier or later you will do that I suppose.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- Self-employment or freelancing perhaps. But I want to build the servers that I'll maintain from the ground up. Too many times already has prebuilt shit caused me to go borderline insane and wanting to go violently murder whoever built that crap... I have this motto these days. Build it yourself or expect it to be shit. Only very few times has that not been proven to be true.. most recent case in point: that Nexus crap that used to go for €500! Yet it's still an enganeer'd to fail piece of junk!
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