So Linus Torvalds is stepping away from his creation to get himself reprogrammed to be better accommodating over leftist nonsense. I'm also reading that retarded manifesto right now (https://postmeritocracy.org), and holy shit, one of the signatories is Linus Torvalds daughter. The fuck is wrong with you white people? Are we seriously halting back scientific/technological progress for these loons? Holy shit.

What fucking ever, at least I'm not white. Worse comes to worst, I'll just go back home, take back what I've learned here, and hopefully avoid the mistakes Western society is killing themselves over these days.

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    I didn't read the link, I clicked it, saw the url in my browser, "WHAT THE FUCK?!", were the exact words out of my mouth.
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    I can get behind some of these values, but they are poorly explained by hand-waving "merit was never defined, but also is discriminating".

    And wtf is this?

    "We can add the most value as professionals by drawing on the diversity of our identities, backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. Homogeneity is an antipattern"

    Instead of focusing on any existing issue, this creates some metaphysical value of diversity without arguing where that value comes from.

    This whole thing is a weird feel-good value list that does not even explain it self, with an not at all thought out liberal leaning...
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    Ummmm. Okay then
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    @david-hil Yep, I bet all that crap they put on there can be dismantled by one of two phrases:

    1. "That's great and all, but how's that supposed to work?"

    2. "Nobody thinks that, what the fuck are you talking about?"
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    Yeah. It's a fucking waste of time, and does not add value at all.
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    idk wtf that link is about, but I do genuinely wish Linus the best and I think that if he can manage his anger and misunderstanding better then he will be a happier person overall and I'm not going to put any kinds of personal beliefs or interests in front of that.
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    Yeah and then these dumbnuts wonder why right wing parties are spreading left and right. No, it's not because people have become right wing, it's because the left has grown a vocal and retarded end.

    However, I still think that tech folks can made their points clear in tech discussions without resorting to swearing and four letter words. In 2 decades of industrial experience, I havn't seen the necesseity to such verbiage in professional communication.

    That has nothing to to with the needs of black lesbian impaired women. Regular straight white men are people, too, and don't really appreciate being treated like that. That's also why the Linux kernel suffers from a shortage of maintainers. People just don't want to deal with such a toxic environment as daily job (remember 90% of the kernel devs are paid guns).
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    Duly noted. I should articulate my points next time, keep forgetting that this place ain't reddit.
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    >leftist nonsense

    It's called "not being an asshole"
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    Nice. Didn't know you need to a manifesto for that, or send people to the gulag for 're-education,' or completely fucking up the work environment so every normal human being has to accommodate their shit.
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    >Didn't know you need to a manifesto for that

    you don't. linus didn't mention one in his email

    >or send people to the gulag for 're-education'

    no one's forcing linus to do anything

    >or completely fucking up the work environment so every normal human being has to accommodate their shit.

    not sure what this refers to
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    Leftist bullshit like "you can't hire the best because that's prejudice against everyone else" is the reason I'm hoping for a doomsday asteroid.

    What. the. fuck.
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    Aaah - this is most perfect. I am by no means delusional. Every step towards a leftist world is one step closer to the Tech "balloon" popping. All of these doctrines and manifestos are possible in a world where tech is profitable - companies earn easy money, so they can aim to create their own perfect world. Now the manifesto above has some nice sentiments where people should be respected, guided and set up for success. And that should be valid whatever the background is. Cool, but companies are then implicitly dividing people. Any comment on diversity means that people are put into very specific buckets. The companies themselves are dividing people only to then unite them?

    Why is diversity not a function of individual qualities, but a collection of physical attributes? Being a white man or anything else is not a professional qualification. The balloon will pop at some point. And only the most qualified will remain in tech. Then companies may start to judge people on individual merit.
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