Sometimes I wonder how big it companies with more then 500k net worth get away with bugs in their webapps.
In my company we also have bugs but I am the only dev and we won't hit the 100k Salesmark with our software.

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    Looking at u skrill
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    Easy, you deploy a fix the next day and pretend it never happened.
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    Well this one exist a week now :)
    It took Google to fix dev console payments with debit cards almost 2 months after I told the support about it. Not talking about lagacy paypal forms
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    Overhead of release can sometimes be expensive
    Not all bugs are deamed worthy of being fixed
    Not all bugs can be fixed, our customer reported a bug 2 years ago now and we never could reproduce it and they're living with it - although I think we're being asked to look at it again now
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