New here, what does devrant do differently from places like /r/programmerhumor? What keeps you guys coming back?

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    Spend some time here and you will come to know eventually
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    Because it's not as lame as reddit.
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    From my (limited) experience, I find that devRant is like a separate community. Most people know about Reddit and its purpose is more generalized than devRant, which is more or less a forum website. I also feel that devRant is a relatively small community and has one of the lowest amount of toxicity, which is why I love it so much. Granted, this can easily change, but as of now, devRant is in a good spot where it's gaining a lot of members but its not being invaded by the normies of the internet.
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    There's a separate section for jokes/memes here. You can explicitly hide this section and quite some people do this because they think this is devRant (parenthesis on the rant part) and don't like jokes/memes on this social platform :)
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    Its like someone took the toxicity of stackoverflow and inverted it
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