Welcome do London! Please mind the plugs.

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    Plugchain 🤔 The next big...
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    @JackToolsNet PlugChain, the chain for the physical world.
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    I don't understand why they need their own connector... Just fucken use the US or EU ones, when I flew through London and I'd depleted my laptop and phone battery, I was pissed when I realized that they were similar to the American plug, but not quite the same...

    So I sat there for 5.5 hours. Doing nothing.
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    @nanoandrew4 like most british.
    but srsly: the europeans has different plugs as well, just a universal adaptor, and a short cable distributer with at least 5 outlets with you wherever you go.
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    Argentinian plugs are the funniest to deal with.
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    Well, you gotta get used to the dongle life :D
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    Moved here from Kuala Lumpur, both cities use same power socket and drive on the same side.. Lucky
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