Good news!

Follow up on my previous post: https://devrant.com/rants/1767324/...

My broken display is being replaced by a brand new one by Lenovo under warranty.


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    Did they tell you what caused the damage? Maybe it came faulty from factory... Was it really the cleaner used? Because I've cleaned EVERY screen I own with that kind of cleaner D:
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    @telephantasm I don't think it's the cleaner but just the coincidence of the cleaning activity.

    The entire fucking laptop is faulty.

    First the hinge thing (which they replaced and is again causing issues) and now the screen.

    Let's wait for the service person to arrive.
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    good of them! the display was also the first thing I had to replace with my Toshiba. luckily also still under warranty
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    @Floydian Hinge on my old Toshiba Satellite was so faulty that opening and closing it lead to breaks in whole case, also separation of lid so I got 360 degree laptop at some point, but without touch screen. Fucking piece of shit of fucking certified engangers
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    @Omnisus I also had a Toshiba Satellite. It's the worse shit possible. After 6 months of "normal use", the metallic hinge was not able to rotate (fully stuck).

    Later, the computer finished in two parts, and the plastic case was broken. It was still working but not usable as a portable computer.
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    @NotFound Same here, a few months ago I drop it and broke screen but I didn't replace it due this fucking hinge which will broke it anyway. It has unmounted lid and I move WiFi to base to make it easier to move, but case is so broken that it will spontaneous turn off when I tap keyboard or case too heavy/strong (I am not sure how to write it correctly in English).

    It was my first laptop and I wish to have PC tower again, because it was such disappointment. Fucking piece of garbage
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