You know what you sound like when you say that "I want to be a programmer but this code is offensive so remove it"? It's like saying that "I want to be a surgeon but I don't like blood, so remove the blood right now."

I personally don't really like blood a whole lot, especially when it comes out of the bodies of other people. I don't really want to become a surgeon, but let's say that I would. "Teacher, I don't like blood, I want to become a surgeon but I hate blood!!! MAKE ALL PATIENTS STOP BLEEDING NOW!!!"

To which my teacher surgeon would of course respond: "Well how about you don't become a surgeon then, because humans that are cut open do bleed, and there's nothing we can do about it."

Same thing with code. You know why code is written? To be a useful tool, for people to become more productive by running the thing (unlike the average SJW). And normal people, you know how much they care about the code? They only care for it as much as for it to be able to run properly. And the ones that do look in the source code either want to improve its functionality or check whether it's actually something decent, secure, safe to run etc etc. People don't normally look at code for the sake of getting offended by something.

But the formulation used in the code, does it even matter? Jerk, it's a term that's used in physics. Does it refer to your despised white cis males whacking off? Of course it doesn't, it's a term to describe change in acceleration. Masters and slaves in code, does it refer to slavery? Most certainly it doesn't. So why bother?

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    I get what your saying but, comparing someone that wants to be a programmer not liking code they deem offensive to someone wanting to be a surgeon while disliking blood, that's a faulty analogy my brother.

    It's not like a community of surgeons can come together and say "hey in human v3.5 let's remove blood" but programming is of a nature where developers can come together and add, takeaway or change stuff i.e. "hey, this doesn't sit well with us, in the next update let's get rid of it".

    But I do feel you.
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    @Holyfield3000 Such a creature would be a permanent deviation from the human creature made of flesh and blood, a bionic creature which personally I can't wait for. It might not however be human.. that's a can of worms in its own right. What defines us as human beings? How much can you swap out until it isn't human anymore? I think it's merely the information and logic circuits present in the brain.

    Many people would call the human blood to be an essential feature of the human body however. And I doubt that changing that can be achieved within one's own lifetime. It'll at least take several more decades to develop the technology for that. Therefore the expectation to achieve that in one's own career just because they dislike blood is unreasonable. When will "Human 3.5" be released when we only have baby steps in bionics so far? I don't know, but I don't think that it'll be achieved before I - or anyone within my generation - will already have retired. Realism is the key to this. Some things can be reasonably expected, other things can't.
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    @Condor Definitely wouldn't be human anymore. Unless we got some hybrids running around powered by blood by day and electricity by night. Also I would want to see that too to be honest. But I agree with you, once our cortex is out the picture we say sayonara to being human.

    I don't gotta PhD, but that one change would demand a series of changes. Maybe those terms ran as deep and would cause a similar flux, I'm not sure.

    I agree 100% percent with realism, that's why I don't feel it should've been changed. I feel those with a problem should've A) Made their own language. B) Used another language (granted idk if those terms are used in other languages, just came across those terms recently to be honest). C) suck it up. But just like any "ism" you have some that subscribe and others that feel different.
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    @Holyfield3000 I would presume @Condor 's point is that you don't see SJW's marching for doctors to change their prof... Oh wait I forgot they are campaigning for fat acceptance and speech policing to save overweight people from offence. Damnit these useless pricks are everywhere.
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    Then whoops, my bad for not comprehending your point @Condor and thanks for layman terms @Jkyll
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    You have the patience to write long text while arguing, thats nice

    I am more like "No, you are wrong. It works like this:"
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