I need some advice.

Previously I have done Android development course on Udemy and now I took Android Nanodegree program from Udacity. I was wondering if Android development is a good career option, or should I learn something additional to it? If so, what?
I'm a B.E under graduate from India.

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    It’s good, consider going to kotlin in the future
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    It's a bidding market in India. But remember Android is part of the platform.

    Many companies don't even go native. So platform doesn't matter. The real magic happens on the back end.

    As you already know Java. Learn some web frameworks for Java. Learn a bit of Dev ops too. Don't stick to Android for a career.
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    @gvnix I want to learn ML, but I'm not so good at maths. Are there any resources from where I can start?
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    @sp1dey I suck at maths too but Khan Academy helps
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