My laptop decided to not turn on or charge anymore in times where I needed it a lot and when repairment funding is not the best. Thank you, universe

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    Check the voltage on your charger (be sure to avoid shorts during probing!), if it's not outputting anything, there's your problem.. use a different charger or if you're fancy, use a lab bench power supply to charge your lappy. Circuit problems may be the case but my first suspect would be a broken wire. Copper wires tend to break when bent excessively, so be sure to not bend the wires too much. Ideally you'd store them in a roll with a strap in the middle, and refrain from stuffing a charging wire behind furniture, bend the DC jack to hide it away etc. But way too many times I see people bend wires significantly, particularly at the connector ends. That is what breaks wires all the time.
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    That said, it does take a significant bend on my 18AWG wires (and even more so on my new fancy 12AWG silicone wires) to break even a single strand. Not that that's commonly seen in chargers on consumer electronics though.. there it's usually as thin as it can possibly be. Chintzy as fuck.. of course a thin wire like.. what, 30+AWG? would easily break :/
    I think that there's a problem with both general consumers and manufacturers alike. One more reason for me to make my own cables :)
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    @Condor I tried it with another charger of the same laptop that surely worked and nothing happened. It's still under warranty, so guess I'll send it back
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