Ideas are abundant. Execution is worth the millions

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    Can't agree more
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    me too.. the world had gone crazy
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    its capitalism. They give the app free just for the ads to monetize it. Nothing its free in this world. =)
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    @gdb123 Don't think you quite understood what OP meant.

    Ever had an idiot walk up to you and say, "Hey here's a brilliant idea for an app/game. Why don't you code it up, and I'll give you 30-50% of the profits. We can negotiate.."?

    And your instinctive response was to show them the finger right..? That's what OP was talking about
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    @gdb123 except everything under GPL MIT and etc...... licenses;-)
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    And they can be generous too... You make ALL the money, give them to me and I will give you half! I am voting for a punch in the face to be a constitutional right in such cases.
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