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    On the bright side, it's blue which is a calming colour so you might boy instantly go for a killing spree or aren't sucked even deeper into the crippling depression you're definitely facing at that moment.
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    What do you do to your systems? Mine doesnt crash, have glitches. I code using phpStorm, I code web applications, have a xammp local server running, use source tree for git, have Skype running for communicating within the company. And have JIRA and other tabs open in Chrome (YouTube for music etc.). Pc is nothing special i3, 4gb ram, and SSD.
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    @NarkoCat I second that.
    The OS is just as good as its user. A Linux user that does not know how to handle it will also get a lot of trouble, but I guess they do not post every crash of their system.

    My windows also runs smooth, the only bluescreens I got in the last year were caused by broken hardware.
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    @NarkoCat Well i re-installed Paragon HFS+ which requires a reboot to complete the setup and was greeted by this fucker :)
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    BTW fixed it by booting into my hackintosh installation (on a seperate HDD) and deleting the folder containing said corrupted file (windows defender stuff) (windows then updated and installed the folder again :P)
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