Hey guys!
my university offers an exchange with a university in Bielefeld!
I have heard lot of you live near it!
what do you think about it?

german people: let's just assume Bielefeld exists...

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    So they send you into the nowhere?
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    And they give me a double degree if I manage to come back
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    Bielefeld gibt's gar nicht!
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    Bielefeld is awesome.
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    @RantSomeWhere I have been into the uni 2 times.
    But never have I been to the "Fachhochschule"
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    I once travelled through "Bielefeld" by train. They had a mock-up of some industrial plants and a train station, but the quality of the papier mâché wasn't too convincing.

    I guess the budget was spent after equipping all those cars with faked BI number plates and simulating a local telephone network.
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    They have a pepper robot and I've met a few people from there. Seems nice.
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