Is there an alternative to katoolin? Aka a tool for installing all Kali pen-testing tools on other distros.

Katoolin hasn't been updated in a year or so and I can't get it to work. If you want to know why I'm not just using Kali/Parrot/any other pen testing OS, read my last post and please take my advice.

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    install each tool, as you need it?
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    OR run kali in a VM? I usually run it, never installed it tho
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    @gitpush Kali, Parrot and blackarch don't even work in a VM. Kali and Parrot break and stop working after being installed (the screen flickers and packages don't work), and blackarch doesn't even connect to the Internet.
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    @EclipseMain strange, I used Kali in virtual box, though I did live run and not actually install on vm
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    I've been running Parrot in VMware for some time with no issues- think it's even got VMware tools preinstalled on it. As long as you're bridging the network, you should have zero problems with any of the network utilities. Same with Kali. They both also play nicely on KVM and Xen. If you're having issues with your install it might be settings on your host, not the distros themselves. I'd avoid blackarch though.
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