I hate it when marketing people decide they're technical - quote from a conference talk I regrettably sat through:

"The fourth industrial revolution is here, and you need to make sure you invest in every aspect of it - otherwise you'll be left in the dust by companies that are adopting big data, blockchain, quantum computing, nanotech, 3D printing and the internet of things."


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    I would jump and and tell them to stop regurgitating buzzwords they don't even understand.
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    @Fast-Nop Sadly when you're representing a company you have to act "professional".
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    The guy from the porn industry is in the crowd, writing in his ideas notebook:

    "3d printed nanotech gangbangs"
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    But what about machine learning and AI? ;)
    *goes to fetch bullshit-bingo card*
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    Which conference was that? Just so I know that they accept wanketeer talks there and that I should avoid it.
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    It's sad seeing that technologies become rich people's toys.
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