Boss: I saw your last commit, great work!
Dev: But... You told me to delete all the features I added...
Boss: Yes, fantastic improvements!

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    Typical boss/pm bullshit. I am not a fucking moron to think you actually mean it when it comes to BS like this. 5 minutes ago we were arguing about why I have to roll back a weeks of changes because the client didn’t order it / you are an idiot and you failed to give a proper spec / you feel the urge to make yourself look important. You read the first 500 characters in a Medium article about “How to make your developers more productive”. Congrats, but that didn’t make you a psychologist or mastermind and it didn’t turn me into a braindead lamb either...
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    I have a boss who is power hungry and doesn't care much about the team. He setup a daily syncup meeting (not standup) where we should only discuss what we do but not discuss our problems. All issues must be brought to him face to face. He spends almost the entire day in a conference room in meetings and away from the team. My team is frustrated with his attitude to the core. He doesn't posses the minimum technical knowledge or empathy of a typical manager. The Developers go mad whenever they here his technical solutions for their problems.
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    @godot @kronos I am so sorry to hear that. I’ve avoided such situations os far but do you have any advice for handling bs like that if I ever encounter it?
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    @FelisPhasma You would need a lot of patience with such managers. Do not ever lose your nerve. Always focus on your work. Do your work and learn. Sometimes it means on terms defined by your boss. Make acquaintance with people in top management and bring up your issues and ask for suggestions. Don't complain, it may not help. Change may not happen overnight. There are a lot of opportunities out there. Worstcase, leave the company if you can't take it anymore and if you don't receive any support you expect.
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    « also you're fired »
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    Toxic environment spotted. Just leave.
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