"...Manjaro and Antergos doesn't count"

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    Lmao!!! I always tell Arch users that if they use Arch on a server for production and still hold on their sanity I will buy their admin a beer
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    @AleCx04 I can do one better, I run the Artix fork (painfully systemd-free) on all my systems, including VPSes.
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    This somehow reminds me of you even when you are not like that lmao @condor
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    @AleCx04 buy me a beer :3
    (only running it in my home servers though, Ubuntu on the internets)
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    @Condor @tokumei a beer for each one cooooooming right up!
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    @AleCx04 half a dozen beers? Thanks a lot!! Ballmer Peak here I come!!! 😍🍻
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    @AleCx04 make that another beer.. fuck Ubuntu 18.04. Can't change hostname anymore by editing /etc/hostname? Well fuck them. My nameserver is going to be Arch then. At least their conventions are consistent across releases.. because there are none to begin with.
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    @Condor fuck it brother drinks on me. And I'll throw you a barbecue as well
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    @AleCx04 just on time, my nameserver has just been completed on Arch! The Arch Wiki sure makes it much easier than DigitalOcean does for Ubuntu. So I'm done here! Cheers!! :D
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    why but it reminds me pubg scene. when ur friend die and try to instruct you.
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    What about windows guys?
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    @shahidcodes Anyone who has to maintain Windows servers should get six just so they can get through their job.
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    Yeah .... Arch on a production server isn't the best idea :)
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