What are some of your guys’ favorite VPN services?

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    Mullvad, by far! (https://mullvad.net/)

    - One of the best privacy wise

    - Lots of payment options

    - Supports WireGuard

    - Good speed/quality

    - etc.
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    From the same guys as ProtonMail.
    - based in Switzerland
    - secure-Core servers (Double-hop VPN, but the first hop is in a PVPN controlled data center)
    - Tor over VPN
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    I’ve been using ExpressVPN for a few years, but the above replies have piqued my interest. Thanks folks!
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    @metamourge I read that ProtonVPN tends to be quite slow though? But I do love their email service
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    Didn't recognize something like this.
    But from time to time, some servers may have an unusual high traffic-load, so they could be slower than usual because of this.
    Normally, after a few hours, their speed goes back to normal.
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    @jelleken proton is really fast here

    Touchvpn for free
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    Mullvad or Self-hosted.
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    I went with Mullvad, thanks guys! 😁

    Gonna try out ProtonVPN too though
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