The code of conduct is a good thing. It doesn't persecute cis white men. All it does is tell you not to harass people on the basis of traits they cannot control. You say you only care about code quality and nothing else? There's a whole untapped market of talent from women and lgbtq+ people who stay the fuck away because of toxic communities. When you call people faggot it makes them not want to contribute to your codebase.
Linus stepped down of his own volition to try to become a more constructive voice. Heaven forbid the assholes have some introspection.

Hate it because it's vague. Hate it because it means anyone can be banned without evidence. Don't hate it because the assholes are finally being called on their bullshit.

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    @DLMousey I agree there are people who are just assholes on that side, but they are the vocal minority. The vast majority of us are interested in working with people and reasoning with them why it's a good idea to be inclusive.
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    @Zennoe I mean the result would be the same here since it says topics outside the project aren't tolerated and that political views, sexual orientation, race et al. are explicitly irrelevant so any damage you could do with CoC you could do with that
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    Before this CoC(k) came thrashing everything in the Dev community was a person's Code, and not the colour or sexual orientation or whatever else.
    We used to check code only and nothing else mattered.
    Well after New CoC we need to know if the person writing the code is black or white, straight or gay and all other things that discriminate us.
    Such a shame it is to discriminate people while saying that you are protecting them from it.
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    @fahad3267 why does it make it so you have to know that information?
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    @irene ur a ridiculous person
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    @Cheeseypi The trendy comes with promises of "niceness", " equality", etc... next thing you know all is destroyed. putting culture down on paper is always a means to ruin the real unspoken culture. Feelings have no place in software.
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    @irene citation needed
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    Stop drinking the Koolaid, @Cheeseypi.

    You're a dev. Use your brain. Look beyond the surface and see what this CoC is actually being used for, not just what they're saying it's for. Spoiler: the two are vastly different.

    Edit: algo necro. 😕
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