So, eventually they understood a lot of SO users are assholes. 😁

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    FINALLY they hired some canadians
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    Or we have some SO friends here in devRant...
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    I recently sent them an essay or some sort of it in their leaked(?) moderator survey
    I guess they read it...
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    Closed as not constructive.
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    This is retarded. They turned a one liner into a fucking novel.

    If you ask a question you could of googled. I'll tell you to go fuck yourself and google it.
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    Someday we are gonna understand the majority of people in general are assholes :)
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    @netikras πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ mmd
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    Well I think im not the only one hoping devrant will grow to push SO the fuck outta market ;) i mean id even contribute my free time to make this happen.

    we could even get a fucking hashtag. Imagine #farewellStackOverflow
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    Stack Overflow is shit and full of assholes, but then most questioners are too... If I see the amount of stupidity that reaches the inboxes of the Facebook pages that I help maintain.. "I need a personal hacker", "I need help" (WITH WHAT?!), "Pls hack facebook", and shit like that.. to hell with all of them!!!

    Stack Overflow is a terrible community, but at the same time I think that that's what made it great. Pretty much every time I duck for something related to technology, I end up at the Stack Exchange and 9/10 it's the answer I was looking for first time. That's impossible to achieve when you also allow crap to enter :/
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    Stackoverflow is or was full of self-righteous fucks.

    I remember asking a question there about something I couldn't google - I think it was about ASP.NET Core 2.1 which was very fresh back then and nothing could be found online.

    The guy misread my question thinking it's regular ASP.NET, linked me to a completely unrelated answer and called me 'lazy' and a 'freeloader' lol.
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    @netikras sorry aboot that eh
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    @D--M SO User spottedπŸ’₯
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    I suppose you are right. Everyone here should be. We all end up on SO.

    God no. God no. God no.

    PLEASE god no. Thats so fucking stupid.
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    @netikras I was going to be offended but then I remembered how much I say sorry..
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    @ewpratten Absolutely no offence intended :) just a global (and hardly offending - I see it as a positive thing to be known for) stereotype.

    If my comment offends anyone please give me a shout and I will delete it.
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    @D--M call me old fashioned but I think you don't have to walk around pissed at people and only wait for an opportunity to unload and feel like you're police now. This is SO community to me. A bunch of angry, self conscious and unhappy people who only wait to rip you apart to get an upvote and feel important in at least one part in their life. If it's not your wording, then it's your grammar so don't worry, they'll find something. But their answer has to be in a form of "let me school you peasant for I am above you" too, with proper grammar and punctuation, soaked with sarcasm often because they're obviously enlightened and in general need to let you know they're more experienced or more important.
    Fucking sad if you ask me.

    Edit. Also to address your first comment. I've seen people writing essays unloading on noobs and "showing them their place" so kinda invalid to me.

    Learn a little kindness people, it's free and our world needs that now. Enough self righteous pricks around.
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    @netikras nah. Not offensive.

    Where I live, is the "home of the stereotypes". Hockey, saying "eh", saying sorry a lot, Maple syrup, mooses, and many more..
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    @aerfromenes The websites have completely different purposes.

    DevRant is for lulz and by definition very chatty. DevRant is for leisure, letting of steam and pure fun.

    Stackoverflow is about finding the best answer for one very specific question. Without any annoying noise ("can somebody please help me?" "Thank you")

    Stackoverflow's obsession with details and effort is the reason it's one of my most productive professional online resource. You get better search results if you add site: stackoverflow.com to your query. And I also treat it as my own blog engine, asking and answering problems when I experience them during a day.
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    @CozyPlanes Ty for the upvote I was disappointed nobody enjoyed my comment
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    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ They blocked me for writing bad questions. And there is absolute NO WAY to know if they're reviewing your fixes. I mean, sure, the questions were bad, but I've been on SO since I was 12 - Come on!
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    So much aggression about not being a dick 🧐
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    My posts always got flagged as reposts, and linked to unrelated questions. I haven't returned since
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    @antorqs Or we have some Canadian friends here on devRant
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    I would rather ask quick questions here on devrant. That way I can also rant about it later.
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