I dunno if any of my choices have been "bad". Humans are great at explaining things to themselves to feel better. Narratives is our strength and we love them.

In hindsight everything seems to be a correct choice and kinda makes sense. For everything else is just a lesson to learn from.

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    We humans label things as good or bad. There's no such thing as good or bad. Well said. To quote Steve Jobs, you can't draw a line looking forward, you can only connect the dots looking backward at your life. Everything makes sense in the end
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    Hmmm...if we are talking philosophical yes good/bad doesn't exist...we are always going through a grey area...but in this case/story-rant,choices have consequences! Whether good or bad,it's up to us to but the rule is to see how far we've come,what changed in the in-between....or maybe not....
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