to;dr: I think I'm retarded. I don't know how to networking.

got Proxmox set up on my server... sorta. I suck at networking. I bought a domain name, and I'm trying to have each container have a subdomain of the domain name I bought. each container has a unique internal IP address, but they all share the host's public IP address. so after a couple hours of googling, I THINK what I need to do is run a reverse proxy server on the public IP and route each subdomain manually to an internal IP address with something like nginx..... or am I retarded?

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    The IP addresses of the containers belong to a network bridge to the proxmox host, right?
    In my case I created an additional bridge into another internal network, so that now a pfSense firewall is filtering all traffic and then forwarding the https port to a reverse proxy as you described. I don't know if this is absolutely necessary, but I really like the way it all fell info place.
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    You're not retarded.
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    @theKarlisK @jerengie @ethernetzero glad to hear I'm not a complete idiot lol

    I don't really need ssh within the containers, just on the host. I'll try to set up the reverse proxy today when I get home from work. I'll let you all know how it goes lol
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