Just called Asus for a problem with my router, went to send them my systemlog.txt for analysis

"Oh we don't have an email you can send that to"

Me: "(me calling bullshit) let me talk to the tech team.."

*Get transferred*

"Hello this is the supervisor"

Me: "fml"

"Ya we don't have an email you can send that to, but we can use a different departments verification services to get a file from you, has to be a picture though"

Me: "What? I got a .txt file here, I just want to get it to you, does it really have to be a picture?"

"Has to be a picture or a PDF, we can't take txt files"

Me: "fkin.. srsly? Fine"

I can't believe Asus's system srsly. I think it's for virus protection, but viruses can be embedded in both picture formats and PDF, but not in txt. So wtf is going on lol

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    welcome to devRant!

    and get your first ++ 😉
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    @2erXre5 Thanks! I really appreciate it!
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    You're right but its awesome they take security so serieus.
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    They make the best products, but man their support is garbage.
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    -That's normal nowadays. All these restrictions exist due to more security plus less applications to have installed to open a variety of files. In this case, mostly the native built-in image viewer and an external Adobe ... program. That's all they need.
    -Less resources (+time) wasted.(at least for them)
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    @gitpull That would make sense if it was anything but a .txt file though
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    @irene Give'm a call and prove me wrong
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    @Skordy they do what?
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    @gitpull yes, if there only was any text files reader build into all systems. Something like that resources hungry and almost impossible to get for free Notepad on Windows, or if cat or vi was build into Linux/macOS systems... If only.
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    📌📌No text files are allowed at Asus.
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    Upload the text file to GitHub.
    Write them a letter saying they need to visit this URL.
    And take a screenshot of that letter.

    🤔 Think it will work?
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    Get a ubiquiti edgerouter and a UAP for wifi and watch your performance skyrocket.
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    @bahua so buy a router from a company that shipped routers with serious security flaws and took months to solve them after being notified? No thanks I stay with peplink.
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    @CurseMeSlowly Nah just give them a PDF of the text file, dumb af
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