To be honest, sometimes i feel like my worst career choice was to become a developer.

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    that's what i keep questioning myself all the time...
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    But why? Low money, feeling inexperienced.. ?
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    @sladuled i feel discouraged and degraded when i see people who earn much more in a month than a programmer will ever earn in his life, ranging from industries of rap, music in general, and even plain entertainment. kardashians are one example. watching dumb people have fun without clusterfucking their brain and actually enjoying life and appreciating to be alive while earning countless money to do so, while engineers have to fuck their brain to earn countless times less. i say its less if you look at the bigger picture.
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    @SukMikeHok But what you are mentioning is not a profession, it’s just luck combined with a few other things.. If you take a look of professions, dev’s are on top i think.
    Or maybe you can compare programmers with astronauts, but still the comparison isn’t quite good since there cannot be a lot of astronauts while developers have no limit i think, and this what it makes one of the best choices..
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    I'll tell you a story.
    My friends company has problem with SAP. The only dev who knows how to fix it was in the US.
    He said that he will fix it for 50k USD and 5 star hotel for 2 weeks.
    They didn't have a choice.
    He came to my country and fixed it in literally 5 minutes.

    Lots of singers, actors, programmers earn normal money. There is always small group of people who earn a lot.
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    @h4xor interesting. i also know a guy who is an expert in cyber security for about 20-25 years. he got called by the prince from dubai to code him some program and fix security. it was so important for the prince that he literally sent his private golden plane for the guy to come in dubai. he couldnt say how much he was paid but.. you can just imagine
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    @h4xor really ? Tell me which company that have related idiot rate please....
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    @Paulinsky what were you before?
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    @fattymiller A student. Development is the only field i've ever worked on.
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    Not sure from what country you are, but at least in us/eu there is lots of job offers that are not totally wacko about requirements or pay..
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    Should've chosen business analyst then. You could technically get things done without lifting a finger, and take all the credit.
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