Fuck I love my job, my boss and I are absolute food fanatics and talk about weird and wonderful things we cook...

He knows I bloody love curry so he brought some in for me to have for lunch and he's bringing me a shit load of fresh grown vegetables...

And to think I chose IT over being a chef.... (Still no regrets)

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    *cries in cashier tears*
    Undergraduate life is shiet
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    @kitsune I work in retail haha, it's not glamourous
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    Do you guys actually do any work ? I mean... IT wise :P
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    so.. before cutting the goat they feed it.
    just saying..
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    @lxmcf my workplace is pretty good too but sometimes customers can be a piece of shit. And standing for like 7-8 hours at a time because NOrth America think cashiers don't do any work is whack.

    P.S. I'm brown so I understand your love of curry. Curries are d best, except that they turn everything yellow
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    @kitsune I used to be a storeman so I was out the back the whole time, I bloody loved it but I had to leave that workplace but ended up coming back and now I'm on registers a fair bit... If I hear one more customer grunt when I ask them how they are, I'm going to shove my scanner up the ass and pull it through their mouth... Retail is fun :-3

    And I can deal with the yellowing just because of how good it tastes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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