Dev1 - hey we need to run some test to ensure delivery on our emails, how should we do it?

Dev2- I dunno, just put {RANDOMSTRING}@somedomain.com and send it. Dont bother to ask @Linux about it, it is a good idea

Dev1 - sounds like a great idea! I'll send a couple of thousands, ok?

--------- TODAY ---------

Me: Hey why are we on blacklist?

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    Lol wtf, this is gold
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    For future reference, Mailtrap is my go-to for email testing;
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    @DLMousey that's pretty sweet, never seen it before thanks for the mention!
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    @taigrr no problem, I'd be lost without it when it comes to testing emails. Just set up your smtp config with the details they give you and fire away.

    They do nag you pretty hard to upgrade to a premium account but I can live with that given how awesome the service is :P
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    @DLMousey do they *gasp* send you promotional emails!? Lol
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    Not sure if I should laugh or get angry about that, it is funny to discover the reason but they surely fucked up and hope they don't do that again lol
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    Good luck explaining things to the blacklist maintainers. Feelsbadman.
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    Getting on those blacklists is easy, getting off them... (especially when you deliberately sent thousands of spam emails!)
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    @DLMousey that's why I prefer MailHog, it's a tiny self-hosted tool for the same purpose
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    @DLMousey If I could give you 1000++. Thanks!
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    @Linux Hello Spamhaus?? Yes, I just acquired a new domain and it looks like I’m blacklisted. Yes it IS a shame. I know, it must have been used by those awful scammers. Hey since J have you on the line what can I do to get my domain off that list?
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    Ooooh.. I feel the he pain...and the anger building up inside you must have almost brought you to murder those dev's @Linux
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    Most likely your domain is not backlisted - just your IP-range.

    Talk to your ISP about it
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    I switched of the server, and said that it is not going up until I see a commit that solved it.
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    @Linux Good to know, but I was trying (poorly) to make fun of your situation. That is definitely annoying, devs are sometimes surprisingly ignorant of the structure on which all of their work relies.
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    If you're genuinely trying to get your domain un-blacklisted, or at least to significantly lower the chance of this happening again, it might be a good idea to read up on DMARC, SPF and DKIM.
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