Best: dropping out of college
Worst: probably the same

Time will tell.

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    You’d better go back man
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    Looks like we're in the same boat, haha. Fortunately the IT sector doesn't really seem to care about those "expensive toilet papers" (courtesy of @JKyll :3) anymore.. so I guess it'll be fine :)
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    @growling Probably

    @pyaf I just lost all interest until my stay there was unbearable. My grades wouldn't help me much, either. So I kind of managed to get myself kicked out.
    I should add, my parents then got me into another institution which I actually dropped completely convinced. I just walked out of that classroom never wanting to come back.

    @Condor Yes 😉. I don't know, ever since I'm not there anymore I'm just better in almost every aspect of my life. It could have been an error but so far so good 😊
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