I was just clicking on a YouTube Video and watching a non-skippable ad and then suddenly another one appeared. I first thought it was a bug, but then I saw this at the bottom left of my screen.

Ad 2 of 2???
What is this?
I don't want to watch 2 ads in a row just to watch one single video!

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    At this point you should at least be earning some money...
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    *laughs in ad blocker*
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    ++ for using a cropped screenshot, and not a photo of your monitor.
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    @ihatecomputers quarter of a penny per ad.. and that implies that it's been completely watched. Yeah, tons of revenue there.. many YouTubers turned to Patreon for good reason.
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    Yesterday night I was listening to Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven, to get some peace in the chaos I'm working on.
    It's about an eight minute track. In the middle of that, those fucking dickheads subjected me to 3 Unskippable advertisements each around 15 seconds long, with some weird punk ass music playing. Completely destroyed the feeling. Bitches.
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    I think most people adblocks but he was probably using YouTube app according to the tag. Hard to avoid the ad when you're in their world. I feel your pain :'(
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    Midroll ads, but idc, I've got ad block
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