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    even worse maybe
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    Who uses machines with 4GB of ram? That's the machine I bought 10 years ago, while working as freshly graduated employee in a country where the average income was 150$ per month. 5 years I bought a laptop for 500$ that had 8GB of RAM. My phone has 8GB if RAM right now.

    Why would a developer have just 4GB? Can anyone explain this please? I truly do not understand.
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    @AndSoWeCode My laptop is a $350 Acer with 4GB, students in particular don't have much of a budget and tend to cheap out. It does everything I need it to, and that's all I want.
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    @AndSoWeCode many students have not enough budget, i bought a second hand compaq for $150 with 2gb of ram.. And it helps me to finish my college 😊
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    @AndSoWeCode is it a joke?

    Lots of students or (very) junior dev doesn't have more than 4 GB on their first notebooks.

    And, often, these cheap notebooks can't be upgraded easily (for example, HP).
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    @sergiolarosa89 no, i still don't get it. Last time I googled, my old laptop is worth less than 200$ right now, and it's got 8GB if RAM.

    An older CPU won't impede you from working. 4Gb of RAM today it's literally just paperweight, unless all you do is light scripting.

    That extra cost is pretty small, for a very big gain in what you can do with it. Something like 180$ for a paperweight, 230$ for a laptop can run modern programs that developers use, that also has an SSD. And who doesn't have that extra 50$ for something as important as a tool for your education, that will shape your future life?
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    @March https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/...

    This is a premium laptop. They are more expensive than regular IdeaPad, Compaq, Acer, whatever. Prices for used stuff are similar across the globe. You mean to say that you couldn't get 33% more money for a tool that will shape your future? No credit options for something that will help you earn as much as 2000$ per month even in the poorest countries out there?

    A decent laptop for a developer is more important than intact, not old as fuck clothes! More important than daily personal hygiene! Those are just comfort stuff and things you can buy with the shit ton of money you'll be earning if hardware is not impeding your progress.

    I've had a shitty computer when I was learning programming still in school. Nothing hampered my progress more than the absence of Internet and the fact that I had a shitty computer. Worst mistake in my career was not upgrading right there and then.
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