Got rebuked by the Java teacher today at the University for using proper long names for variables in the code. She though I was just wasting time being lazy in the lab. "If something can be achieved by a single character, why type that long variable again and again?". *Everyone in class laughs*

Then, there was an error in my code [turned out to be long long int in Java is weird], and I had no clue what was going wrong [I'm a week old in Java]. So, I had initially called her to help. She made me change all private methods and attributes to public. When asked "why?", got trolled again.

Now, I know it's okay, and not that I really care about what my classmates think of me, but getting this kind of treatment really sucks. And if this is how future software developers are crafted today, maintainability is surely going to be an issue tomorrow.

Maybe staying in this stupid country was my worst career choice. I should have tried harder and gone abroad.

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    I will love to send soft copies of books like clean code etc to her
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    Yeah, you won’t look good on the interview test if you listen to her.
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    Maintainability is an issue since....well, since people code :)
    Do your thing and give 0 fucks about bitter teachers.
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    That's university mate and yes most devs are forged like that that's why there are so many WordPress devs and maintainability issues.

    Keep doing your thing, keep learning by yourself, tomorrow that same teacher will give you a 💯 for you to code her project (personal experience)
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    I learned more by teaching myself than what school teaches. I actually know more than what is being taught at schools. Don't get discouraged. At the end of the day they won't be able to teach everything you need and will still be up to you.
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    I facepalmed hard AF at then changing access specifiers part.
    Do you study in India? Then don't expect much from teachers of any kind. You'll be much better off learning on your own.
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    @rookiemaverick I'd post her email ID if I can get my hands on it. Please do.
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    @tnuhb actually, we are taught using gedit (so that we learn the "syntax" properly).
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    @subatomic I actually do. (*Sad LoL*)
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    @tnuhb My point exactly.

    Isn't focusing on syntax more than the principles an issue around all/most universities across the world?
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    maybe the only programming the professeuse has done is to implement mathematical algorithms into code where you'd use some single letter.

    Also, some letters are just idiomatic to certain expressions

    Anyway, ya teach sucks. :/
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    @groenkek yeah. She does. Sadly.
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