Working in Java be like.

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    And then u get a nullpointerexception at window .
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    Shape myShape = new Triangle(); // this makes a triangle shape

    Comments in java
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    I am not sure how this applies to Java or at the very least Java specifically.
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    @mrtnrdl looks like the guy in the cartoon shirt himself haha!
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    not sure I get why Java in particular would be accused of this.

    Is it just because of the lack of a var keyword?
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    Reason #9 that I like kotlin
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    Other people's comments be like
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    @jiraTicket because everything in Java is an object
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    @rickygoldchain actually I believe it's about casting. When you declare an object you have to be really explicitly about it. Like:
    EditText editText = new (EditText) find(R.Id.editfuckingtext)
    Exaggerating only slightly here.
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