Dear any business looking to hire new people...

Experience > Education

That is all...

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    Fuckin right man.. couple months in the trenches teaches you more than you can learn in a classroom.
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    @segfault0xff @LastDigitOfPi And they expect everyone to already have every bit of experience needed just so they wont have to train someone up...

    Oh you require experience for this job but we know no one will actually give you a chance to get the experience so fuck it, go to uni and waste money on getting told what to do rather than actually getting full hands on and really understanding the ins and outs
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    @lxmcf you get into your job and they say " it's great that you learned this and that, but this is how we do things here."
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    @segfault0xff I hate teaching. Students are really naughty.
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    @Amandacool26 that's what the whip is for 😂
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    I disagree. A lot of people, specially from competitive institutes, with 0 exp can (not necessarily will) perform 5x better than experienced normal folks. Seen it myself, 100s of times.

    This specially happens when the new folk is DAMN SMART, and the 10 year experienced guy is just normal smart.

    (Because the 'experienced' has seen how other genuis' solve difficult stuff and 'learnt' from them. Hence when difficult+unseen problem comes, he has no clue , and will have to 'see' the new genius solve it and learn)

    He could , however , do (actually replicate) next time he sees a difficult+seen problem.
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    For some reason I can't stop looking at this post as,

    Politicians > Everyone

    I would disagree with your classification if looked upon from a broader perspective, life is a little more complicated

    (Inherited + Acquired)*Intellect* Experience > Certified Education


    Experience = Self Education*(no. Of testicles+1)*standardized stress constant

    I'll let you folks research and write the table for the standardized stress constant.

    Conclusion : Posts like this should be taken with a pinch of salt

    Yeah i know and I'm working on it :3
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    @copycat @TheAnimatrix you are both 110% correct, but from personal standing I have seen experience out perform education in so many different scenarios.

    It's like shooting a gun to me, you can be educated as much as you want but until you get your hands on the real thing nothing matters.
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    @copycat you see we don't need that in dev world. Inexperienced genius will come and write something that they can only understand, but normal experienced person will write something readable and maintainable, because they know what's worth of doing that from their experience.
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    The most important things to possess are professional characteristics: good work ethic, communication skills, punctuality, able to adapt to change, a desire to learn new things, and so on. Education is a good start, but even the most educated person won't get far if they can't make it to work on time.
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