I love C# but oh my god can .NET Core please take over already so I don’t have to use windows 24/7 anymore 😩

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    What makes you use Windows?
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    @hypervtechnics probably old .net (4.6)

    Yeah really hope the company I work with switch to .net core, I’m tired with visual studio already
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    I'm just waiting for .NET core to be able to compile a CLI application into 1 executable without a million dll's...

    Till then I'm sticking with mono
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    Completely shifted to Linux for some days ago, setuped my development environment.
    So far its going great with productivity and god knows how happy iam for making the shift.
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    @desirous You should try Jetbrains Rider I like it a lot better than VSCode for C# :)
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    @jelleken have tried it on Windows and loved it but sadly my 1y license is out and im not in the mood for paying for a new, and you get alot for free with vscode too :)
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    what... Why visual studio is the best IDE IMHO, you can literally code everything you want.
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    @iNCEPTiON Loved it as well until i started working on large projects :L
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    @iNCEPTiON it’s cool yeah, but it’s really heavy and since I can run .net core on normal text editor why would I need visual studio
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