I watched an anime just because I thought it is about programming.
"New Game!"
I have saw memes about it but when I watched season 1 it was all about an artist and graphic designer. So she had a programmer friend, so I watched season 2.
Fffffff it's just 2 little part related programming. Just give me a programming anime. :(
Just one more++ to 500

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    I gotchu
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    @tokumei tanks LoL
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    Yeah it's about designers

    I don't think there is any anime about programmers specifically. There are programmers in some series but it's often a "super programmer" dude who can haxxx everything.
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    Try Battle Programmer Shirase, it’s the only one I’m aware of but suffers from haxx0r syndrome that @irene described
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    @dermetfan oh, yes! I've read this manga a long time ago. It's nice but it's a quintessence of haxxor type
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    Double compile!~
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    King's Viking, that too has haxxor type though.
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