* Developing a new "My pages" NBV offer/order solution for customer
Customer: Are we ready for testing?
Me: Almost, we need to receive the SSL cert and then do a full test run to see if your sales services get the orders correctly. At this point, all orders made via this flow are tagged so they will not be sent to the Sales services. We also still need to implement the tracking to see who has been exposed to what in My Pages.
Customer: Ok, great!

Customer: My web team needs these customers to have fake offers on them, to validate the layout and content
Me: Ok, my colleague can fix this by Tuesday - he has all the other things with higher prio from you to complete first
Customer: Ok! Good!

Me: Good news, got the SSL cert installed and have verified the flow from my side. Now you need to verify the full flow from your side.
Customer: Ok! Great! Will do.


Customer: Can you see how things are going? Any good news?
Me: ???
*looks into the system*
- Have you set this into production on your side? We are not finished with the implementation on our side!
Customer: Oh, sorry - well, it looked fine when we tested with the test links you sent (3 weeks ago)
Me: But did you make a complete test run, and make sure that Sales services got the order?
Customer: Oh, no they didn't receive anything - but we thought that was just because of it being a test link
Me: Seriously - you didn't read what i wrote last Thursday?
Customer: ...
Me: Ok, so what happens if something goes wrong - who get's blamed?
Customer: ...
Me: FML!!!

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    Had a customer that kept turning on the Shop menu item in his typo3 website, even 'tho the shop was far from ready, neither did we recieve content for the shop from him, nor did he provide credentials for payment gateway, and that the shop had only test items in there didn't stop him.

    He kept turning it on and I kept turning it off. This went on for two weeks until we managed to explain to him why he shouldn't do that.

    He was a persistent little fuck.
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    PS: He did sell bottles of wine and nothing else. Perhaps he was drunk all the time. :D
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