Just once I'd like to be able to apply an icon them and then actually get the icon theme!

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    There are too many apps for proper icon theme to exist at all.
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    @irene Yeah but I'm talking basic apps like camera, messages, audible, tidal, and so on. I know my schools app doesn't have a candidate but my contacts? That's just a bother
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    Depends on the actual apps that you're using. If the contacts app is not actually com.google.android.contacts, then it's up to the developer of the icon pack to decide whether to include vendor-specific apps. Still, Apex should allow you to change icons on a per-app basis (I haven't used it in a long time, but Nova allows that and from what I know they're both pretty similar in functionality).
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    @inaba those icons suck anyway, use polycon
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    @mundo03 Installed that. Didn't work like I wanted. Installed clickui, that works :v
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