Really hate being a developer sometimes, as soon as people find out what sort of Dev you are; they begin associating you with known successes and their personality...

I'm a game developer that works in 2D so I get thrown in the basket as being obsessed with Japan, have outlandish hair and am just an all round wanker.

Stereotypes can really bring you down sometimes...

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    Agreed. Specially when the community is sort of colorful. Perceptions are sometimes funny, and they are understandable, it is how people's cognitive process of identification works...the issue is acting out in said perceptions e.g thinking that you are a japan obsessed wanker just because you are a game dev.
    Das just bad.
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    I bet you are obsessed with Japan, liking anime is close enough.
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    @mundo03 can't stand anime
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    @lxmcf have you played Chrono Trigger then?
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    @mundo03 nope, not really on my radar tbh
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    @lxmcf god dammit
    I think you are lying, all game related people know Chrono trigger, it is the game that makes you kike RPGs when you hate RPGs

    Anyway, you don't fit the stereotype alright, you might even chosen the wrong career
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    @mundo03 haha, I'll probably try it one day but idk, it doesn't draw me in.

    I bloody love RPG's and the games I build are a similar top down style to it but I can't even remember what made me want to make games 2d
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    @lxmcf well whatever the reason, I love you.
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