Just because I'm a programmer doesn't mean I'm some nerd that watches anime, relishes in video games, and spends more time around computers than around girls!

Even though that's all true...

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    Haha right, it doesn't HAVE to be true. Pretty much same applies to me, but it doesn't HAVE to.
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    Priceless! You're entering in my favorites rants.
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    @simeg me too, but it doesn't mean the stereotypes are right.
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    I spend more time around computers than girls and I am a girl.
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    @humanbonsai that is not the question here. The question is: do you spend time around boys, who spend time around computers?
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    Lol. Its like looking into a mirror
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    I think programmer community may be one of the only groups of people that the stereotypes for them are mostly true and sensible. We love computers so we are very familiar and close up with internet culture(yep internet has a culture now) which mostly consists of Anime, videogames, memes and unnecessary opinion battles. How long can we really resist abyss consuming us ? We can't because we are the abyss !!
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    I had a fun time reading this...

    I don't really go out and now I don't have enough D vitamin in the blood(3 times less than normal!).
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