To those who dualboot a Linux distro with windows and have grub working properly.

Tell me your secret.

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    Install windows first, then Linux. Don't mix uefi and efi
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    On the same hard drive:
    - Install Windows first
    - Then install Linux, resizing partitions
    - Success.

    On different hard drives:
    - Install Linux on a drive
    - Install Windows on the other
    - Boot Linux from its drive and then run sudo update-grub
    - Success.
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    @inaba when I boot with uefi it gives me the grub-rescue command line.

    I did that but grub just doesn't want to show up, it boots straight into windows.
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    The distro I'm trying to install is Manjaro, because that's the only one that wants to boot. Other's just freeze while booting. Maybe I have some hardware compatibility issues.
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    @XiovV did you checked the BIOS settings?

    Maybe you need to set the correct boot order manually.

    Ensure that the first boot option is GRUB

    Also, to be entirely sure, check again the settings about Fast Boot and Secure Boot
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    @XiovV oh, that's strange. Maybe it's really and hardware compatibility problem.
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    @sergiolarosa89 I'll try that, thanks.
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    @XiovV the "bad" secret is install Windows first THEN Linux. But its not always a choice.

    For when you have Linux and then install Windows, the real secret is super grub2 disk:

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    I have the same issue as OP with one of my laptops (predator 17). Never had any issues before or with any other.

    I just gave up with this one and run i3wm on WSL with vcxserv or tunnel x with ssh.

    Fortunately it's mainly my gaming station.
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    @deadPix3l I did install windows before Linux. I read somewhere that the windows' boot manager messes with grub, so it could be that.
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    Why use grub on an efi system anyway? Try systemd-boot if your Linux distro uses systemd
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    Let me know when OP gets everything settled.
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    @sergiolarosa89 on separate drives, disconnect the one you are not installing on
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    I installed Linux a separate ssd (because I don't trust windows). And I had some problems with grub not showing up in the boot order. I restarted my PC a couple of times and it suddenly worked.
    I think my prayer to the computer gods helped. :D
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    Windows first, if all hardware works on windows fine, then there are probably no issues with the hardware.

    Then linux, install grub in mbr, it will pull windows automaniacally into the list.

    You can then keep playing with different distros until you find the one that works best for you. I know many people who had issues with Linux hanging were usually related to gpu and some dodgy usb deviced. You can try unplugging everything first, and botting with keyboard and display only. Also, try the ubuntu, as it has quite broad range of hardware support and is easy to begin with. Then if all works fine, you can put another distro side by side, or replace it with your fav.

    In terms of UEFI, in most bioses, you can disable it completely, so called legacy mode, and install Windows and Linux with it. I know UEFI settings can mess up with bootloaders a lot.

    One last suggestion if you have some possible hardware issues, is to restore bios to default settings and boot or reconfigure first.
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    @cylonRaider Okay, I see. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.
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    If you instand Linux first and your grub is buggered, run grub fixer off of a usb Linux. Your can also edit your grub entries with a separate package (forgot which one, but it's a Google away)
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    It works now. Mint didn't want to boot because of my GPU, after I fixed that I selected the "install alongside windows boot manager" option and it works like a charm now.
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    Pro tip: avoid UEFI like the plague. Most implementations are incomplete, some of them halt the processor if accessed with efitools(which some distros do on bootup apparently) and don't offer much over legacy BIOS+GRUB2 on the MBR.
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    Ditch grub, opt for SystemD boot, done
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    Delete windows just install Linux.
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    @shahidcodes can't play games then :/
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    @XiovV Actually right ... 😉
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    @XiovV games are the reason I dual booted. But I got some games working on Linux and haven't booten into windows for almost a month. And at this point im scared that windows will fuck up my Linux install :D
    The games that work are actually very playable
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    @Lythenas Now with Proton lots of games work very well with Linux
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    @XiovV yes that is true. Even a lot that are not officially supported work great out of the box. This website has a list of a lot of games and how well they work on linux https://spcr.netlify.com/
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    @MarkoVlaic0 aj na discord, ne znam dal ti stizu poruke tamo uopšte
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    >sets grub as bootmgr via bcdedit
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