RIP my sunday...

Assignment for uni:
Code a decompression routine in cortex m0 assembly for the compression function your teacher provided....

It can't get much worse than that!

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    That's a much more interesting assignment than the majority I had to do back in the day.
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    Why is it bad?
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    @irene the lack of tools we've got for debugging and the lack of instruction.

    I didn't mind the assignments up until this one, it's pretty hard to figure out why some value won't just load correctly into your registers.

    If only I could debug more easily than outputting 1 character each time
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    @AlmondSauce it is more interesting, but it's pretty fucking hard to debug code you don't comprehend.

    So this is more of a rant about the lack of debugging rather than about having to do assembly ;)
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    Write it in a higher language and compile it to ARM assembly ;)
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    @tokumei that's actually an idea, just not like that. Code the decompression routine in C because C has a pretty direct mapping to assembly. Debug that shit on a PC. And when it works, port it to assembly. The nice thing is that you know exactly what data are to be expected at what step in the algorithm.

    Cortex-M assembly is really nice, btw., not like x86.
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