Why is whatsapp just AIDS?!

The privacy thing is big but let's take a look at the app.

It's the only messenger app I've ever used that forces you to save incoming images to your gallery if you want to see them, like wtf?

The UI looks like shit and it's kinda hard to understand from a UX perspective, for example read receipts which Messenger does beautifully. Facebook owns WhatsApp so A it's not really a better choice than fb messenger and B it basically has a shit quality application compared to Messenger. The messaging experience in sketchy Chinese dating apps is better.

Also it basically hacks your phone. It turns on notifications and permissions by itself even when I explicitly turned them off, and sends me notifications for muted conversations.

Speaking of notificatikns. Every time I get 1 notification, notifications from every single chat even an unread messages from 3 years ago gets sent to my phone.

It guzzles battery like a monster.

And they have basically formed a cult in the indian community, so now everyone thinks its the best and no one uses anything else because "it's so convenient" which it's NOT. It has a terrible interface, and the only thing I like about it is the fact that it being so shit gives me an excuse to uninstall it and ignore all the fucking spam on there.

Honestly, the app needs to die ASAP because it is frankly the shittiest of shittiest messaging applications.

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    It’s my go-to messaging app these days. I’ve never experienced the issues you’ve described to be honest. And I just turned off the setting to save photos to my gallery 😊
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    Loool it's by far the best,most simplistic and straight-forward app from the others....(also messenger lite it's good).
    Didn't had any issues you mentioned...
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    People need to know about Telegram
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    I don't know if you have right Whatsapp in front of you. I haven't encountered any of the problems that you are telling here right now. And besides that, it's the most used text application in Europe
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    @YuganshT79 Please just not for privacy/security reasons, otherwise, fair enough.

    OR, with the 'the privacy thing is big' do you mean that's its good or bad for privacy?
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