For chrissakes, the Stackasses on Stack Overflow have, in their typical fashion, downvoted my question instead of attempting to answer it.

I seriously need help with coding a PyQt5 wizard I made in Qt Designer. I’m so sick of fucking around with these idiots.

Can someone point me somewhere PRODUCTIVE where I might get some help? Looking at Experts Exchange and wondering if they have the necessary expertise. Getting to the point where I’m actually thinking of shelling out money. But I’d much rather just find a good online community or something.


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    I'm curious to see the question
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    @D@D--M I’d rather keep my DevRant account separate from my SO account even tho I’m really starting to hate those assholes.

    I was asking if you have to structure a Qt Designer QWizard so that its pages are in separate files in order to be able to subclass the pages so you can reimplement events. I need to do that in order to control signals that determine if the wizard buttons are enabled.

    I’m thinking the answer is yes, I’m fucked and have to redesign and recode my wizard. Was hoping one of them knew something I didn’t.
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    I found your question.

    Why don't you just try the all in one method and see what happens?
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    @spongessuck I’m not really sure what you’re talking about. Sorry.
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    In all of my experience of people complaining about StackOverflow, 100% have been because they asked a really shitty question, didn't bother to read the rules, didn't bother to even read it and think if any third person would be able to understand or replicate the issue, and expects that anyone reading it is a fucking telepath.

    Stop whining, learn to write questions correctly. Seriously!
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    @AndSoWeCode Thanks for assuming I’m a jackass who can’t ask a question properly.
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    @iHatePython I'm just referencing statistics, dude. I've only received negative votes for old answers that are out of date, or just plain stupid. Maybe a total of 1 downvote on a question, out of hundreds.

    Am I some sort of hacker that has a disabled downvote system? Is it some weird conspiracy? If it were full of assholes, how come it's the biggest and most efficient Q&A website out there?

    Instead of thinking that it's everyone else's fault, why don't you look once in the mirror.
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    @AndSoWeCode I ask questions about complex shit that’s not easily found in Google search. It doesn’t matter how closely it follows their rules. Someone has to downvote. Probably someone who had no idea what I’m even talking about. Dude.

    It’s a gaggle of assholes. Everyone knows it. If you think it’s all great, maybe you should be the one looking in a mirror.
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    @iHatePython wow, you have one big fucking ego...

    I've asked complex questions multiple times. And not only me. If nobody knows what's up with it, nobody answers. I can then post a bonus on the question in hopes that people who know more complex stuff, that hang out in the bonus question list, would get a look at it.

    Not ONCE has a complex question been down-voted in the hundreds that I've written or subscribed to.

    In all honesty, did you:

    1. Ask a concrete question (ex. "How to do this and that")?

    2. Describe the environment well (versions and stuff)?

    3. Enumerate what you've tried, and how and why it's not what you want (with relevant reproducible code samples if possible)?

    4. Search if the question wasn't already answered?

    It's 4 simple fucking rules. Everybody who has been complaining about downvoted questions haven't bothered to follow even 2 of these usually.

    When the whole world is assholes, then you're the asshole, asshole.
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    @AndSoWeCode Oh fucking christ, really??? Don’t you have someone else’s rants to go post on?
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    @iHatePython To be fair mate, I used to hate Stack because I was in your spot. Downvoted and scolded at. But then again, you can't assume they are *all* arseholes because one to a few people downvoted your question. And to be fair, they have their point. Exhaust your resources first (my case would be spending a solid 45 minutes scrambling the web for answers before I ask) then you should ask, with your scrambling history in it as well. Last resort if you still don't wanna go to SO is programming Discord servers (The Coding Den, The Programmers' Hangout, etc.).

    But then again, I'm just a hobbyist try-hard of Python.
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    @PythonTryHard Thanks for the spots to check out.

    See, I do all of that. I spend sometimes days researching before I finally break down and post. The stuff I work with is just not well documented if it’s documented at all. I always mentioned the research I’ve done and which resources I’ve consulted. I try to outline my problems clearly and ask for the specific information I need to know. Maybe there aren’t just a bunch of assholes on there, but it seems like with the exception of one dude, assholes are all I’ve found.

    I try everything I possibly can to avoid posting on SO. And I’m not alone in that. There are many seasoned SO posters out there who have put out blog posts, etc about their negative experiences and how flawed and toxic the community is. SO itself recently launched a campaign to try to get its community to stop being such assholes. https://stackoverflow.blog/2018/04/...

    Yep. They got issues.
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    Stupid question: why don't you just avoid QWizard and make it yourself? Not really that hard

    @PythonTryHard +1 for The Programmers Hangout
    Awesome and helpful community, definitely worth a shot
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    @AndSoWeCode I have the same experience. I feel like the SO community barely downvotes something that should not be downvoted. From what I see they only miss providing feedback for why they downvote a question sometimes.
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    @iHatePython yes, like everyone else nowadays, they have a problem with people who are guided primarily by feelings. As is said in the article. If you don't like it, get some crayons, playdough, and go play with done puppies. That is s place to talk about questions in programming, not your therapist's office.

    How else are people supposed to react to questions like this:

    Why code no wrok:
    echo '$a is big";
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