My friends using window managers, remember to have Tor Browser as floating. For example on i3wm:

for_window [class="Tor Browser"] floating enabled

Just prevents you from having your screen resolution leaked :)

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    Why would anyone have interest in your screen resolution though?
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    @HampusMa for tracking purposes when browsing. Image having a resolution of 1337 x 1010. If that resolution appears on the internet twice, it is fairly certain that it is the same person
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    @ruhe So you basically assume that everyone uses a different screen resolution 🤣
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    @HampusMa of course many regular users will browse with 1920x1080 and similar resolutions. But the idea of the tor browser is that the window resolution stays in default. Thereby, every tor user uses the same resolution and not a single user can be identified
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    @ruhe While it does make sense (thank you for the explanation) it still seems like a massive pain for daily usage.
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    @Jilano well, security is something you must WANT
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    @ruhe why the heck use the internet in the first place? :P
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