I can understand (to a point) when non-devs use meaningless tech "buzzwords", but please, as developers, can we just agree not to spout nonsense?!

"Electron is so amazing, it's such a lightweight framework!"

"Django is incredible, it's so agile!"

Agile is a family of development methodologies, and Electron is about as heavyweight as a desktop application can possibly get...

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    Electron is a modern plague
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    Only if you find nonsense that developers actually say as said by actual developers
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    no because I use artificial intelligence to 3d print my blockchain businesses
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    Anything A.I.
    Anything on marketing.
    Apps. People don't even know what I'm talking about when I say application or program.
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    @vane are they also seed round a/b testing domain driven learnings?
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    @DLMousey of course my lambdas and microservices deployed using sophisticated machine learning techniques are constantly evolving using genetic algorithms and providing such demanding features
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    @vane excellent, I'll let the front end ninja wizard rockstars know it's ready to be passed to the vibe guru for gamification and polishing
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    @DLMousey cool meanwhile my drone surveillance farm would monitor customer engagement so I can art direct next virtual reality e-sports fps with micro-payments that would allow us to develop self driving beds transportation system using hyperloop. Did you checked my last memo about cosmic gun that would shoot people out of planet to colonize solar system?
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    you forgot the part about the big data responsive serverless cloud as-a-service IoT neural quantum dark web!!
    ...or maybe we all need some digital detox
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    Electron? Lightweight? wtf did that dude smoke?
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    If like a big red button that says order now.. my wife thinks blue is a good background color... and it should load really fast
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