I have 2 juniors working under me that i need to assist with work. I dont mind helping at all because i was in the same boat. The problem is.. 1 of the developers asks questionsnon the last minute (a few hours before demo of weeks sprint) telling me she doesnt understand and i spend all week asking her, if shes okay, does she understand, does she need help, is the work too much, should we take a few hours to rerun through things and even while explaining things after planning, she just says "yes" and "i understand" and has the body language of "i want to get away here" ans doesnt even let me finish my sentances before interrupting mentonsau "yes" or something in that line to end the conversation. I dont know what to do because its going to start affecting my work and the ammount of work i can take for the week because i have to help her do the work on the last day and finish it just so she can look like the sprint was successful.

Any suggestions to help me help her? I really want to see her succeed but i can tell she isnt taking it as serious as she should or putting in as much as she likes because our company is very flexible woth everything and i don't want to get a project manager vibe around her

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    Ask "do you need a moment to dwell on this?" instead.
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    @jespersh we stsrted sprint this week. Did some planning and asked this question thank you. Gave her some time to go through the things andnat the end of the day she gave a better idea of what she might need more time on or might need help with but a better indication of what she will be fine with in the week. Ill still be around and be avail where needed. Thank you!
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    I felt this like this is me oOoof except that I'm a "he" hehehehe. Anyway, having a similar story here but in the perspective of the jr here's my take on it:

    - are you approachable enough? Our sr is approachable if you talk to him, but feels like irritated or mad when just thru text (i.e chat and PR reviews).

    - not that I'm not listening, but I really try my hardest to understand everything he says bc otherwise it's me who will be in trouble later on but the problem is, he explains things start to finish and fast.

    -- the problem with explaining start to finish is that, being new, most likely I haven't see some parts of the new task before and will try to understand it first. You don't know when you're going to see what he says (although in planning he tries to cover everything but still...)
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    - trying to avoid asking the same questions again and again because I feel like he'll be annoyed. Who doesn't anyway right? But sometimes it just happens... like it might be really confusing. Plus, he'd add "I already told u right?" Then proceeds explaining. That leaves a bad feeling on me.

    Edit: this sounded personal. I hope he's here so he can also read this hahahaha pretty sure it's not you.
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    Some more again

    -- I want to be somehow independent. I know time is critical in agile, but I want to leave the impression that I can do things on my own too and possibly might open an opportunity for promotion bc of the said quality.

    -- If I just wrote what he said directly but instead in codes, it doesn't feel like it was really me who did the task + didn't learn anything new.

    Feels good to put this out here. Been in my chest for a time now.

    I know this isn't a suggestion, but at least you know what "might" be in your jr's head.
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    Happy it worked. There is this... Strange thing where, before I got more senior, wanted to give answers straight away.
    Today I'm not afraid to say "give me some time to look into it".

    Got more tips if you have specific situations.
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    Don't give them the impression that you're obliged to help them and most importantly don't you feel that yourself! I learnt my lesson while I was doing my PhD, I felt obliged to help masters students, all they wanted was to get a decent mark and get the hell out of uni. Take my advice, you have your own thing to do, and you don't owe them a shit! If they want your help, they can ask nicely, but don't quit your own work to help them, we all have a deadline due.
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