So a follow up to my last Mathematica rant:

I have a JSON file made up of arrays of arrays of arrays with the outermost layer containing ~10,000 arrays.

So, my graphing works perfectly the first time for one of my graphs. I fix another unrelated graph, graph the whole file, and suddenly the first one stops working. The file read-in only reads in the array {2,13}. I double checked the contents of the file, they were as large as always.

Then, I proceed to look for bugs, find none, and decide to restart Mathematica. This doesn't help.

So I go back, find no bugs, and eventually am so fed up that I just restart Mathematica again, no changes.

Suddenly, the array reads in fine. Waiting for the graphs to come out but I think they'll be fine.

WTF Mathematica? Why must I restart TWICE to make bugs caused by your application go away?

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    I kinda want to see this json file.
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    @bkwilliams You can. My advisor committed all of the data to the GitHub repo (I know 😥) , here. https://github.com/MathTauAthogen/...

    It's all in the data folder, pick any file, preferably with a low number of variables.
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    I tried to open that json to view it and i got: "file is too big to show"

    Does it mean you work with Big Data?
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    @Gregozor2121 No. The large data files are just data from a bunch of randomly generated mathematical objects (more info is in the repository I think), which I'm using Mathematica to analyze.
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    Reminds me of my lab days when we tried processing some MB image files with Maple. Took a macroscopic amount of time, several min, so with the bunch of files we had, we needed to pull an all nighter just to finish.
    Next time we took PAW the predecessor of Root, which was so fast compared to stupid scripting languages.
    (Just recalled I had some Mathematica script to diagonilize some huge Hamiltonian - didn't get far. But Lapack also did not take me much further.)
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    @phorkyas Several minutes, you say? My graphs are taking ~30 min each. Setting them aside for 1 hour only yields two graphs. And that's for the ones with less computation.
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    @Mathtauathogen the joke vs you meme
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