Hey people!

I need your brains!

I have this project, maybe you can help me with some ideea on how to implement it.

So, I need to read a lot of rfids. A lot. 100+ (It should work with any number of readers).
Next to the reader should be some leds to indicate a status.

Think of it as a matrix or readers. it should support x * y rows / columns

So, let's call it a node (the reader plus the leds).

Now, I have no ideea on how to link all those nodes to a raspberry pi.

For few it would be kinda easy, but when it goes to 100, I don't really know how to link all those together.

I was thinking about a cheap arduino to read the rfid and deal with the leds.

But I don't know how to link (in a bidirectional method) 100 arduinos to a rpi.

So, if you have any ideeas, that would be great.


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    And that's how busses where invented
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    Some microcontroller for the reader, like an ardurino and some sort of api on the rasp pi. The api should be fine with 100 nodes sending text requests, but this is depends on what you are doing with the data, the frequency of the requests and how well it's implemented
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    @ruhe except you can use busses, yeah. I didn't count that it. I have a project where we get about 10 msg/sec from anything like 10-30 devices on a CAN bus and the raspi still isn't maxed out
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    Another idea: use NodeMCUs instead of Arduinos and create a tcp server on the raspi. Then simply let the readers send their data without any wires.
    As far as I know there is a new Arduino board that also supports WiFi, so you could use that, too
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    Oh wow, reading my texts I should probably stop writing stuff after waking up 😂
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    thanks for your input

    That CAN bus looks promising

    I don't know about wifi, the readers are not that far away

    It only needs to send / receive few messages per second, maybe less, so traffic is not really a problem
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