You gotta love the RPi Zero W!
Preparing some of them for IoT deployments

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    Wohooooo that's an amount of RPI !!!!
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    But don't they sell only 1 to one person ?
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    Servers and servers
    Admin rights at $10 each, wooohooo
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    Kubii.fr (not an endorsement) sells as many kits as you need
    Just ordered a 100 from them, only challenge is that you have to solder the GPIO yourself, thankfully I find Soldering relaxing after coding marathons
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    @KuMa You made my day. Thanks a lot.
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    @KuMa usually i found lower price (about 2$ less) on amazon than kubii.

    If you need 50+ why you didn't ordered on RS or farnell?
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    @shelladdicted I couldn’t get the quantities there, good point in any case, I’ll check again!
    (Based in France so Amazon can be a little different here in terms of pricing)
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    Oh, now i see why i had to wait weeks to get one of them.

    Just kidding, man.
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    I don't know if I'm jealous or not (because of all the soldering)
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    "some of them"
    That's a huge amount of Raspberry Pi's!
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    40 pies?

    Are you doing smth like "Hide my porn" machine?
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    Tell us more about your project :)
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    @cr78 right now making 3G connected building control systems, designing a PCB that goes on top of RPi 40 pins connector (thank Raspberry Pi foundation for keeping the connector compatible!)
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    @KuMa that sounds really cool, have fun soldering ;)
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    How many kidneys/children/.. did you sold for this? 😍
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    Ikd whom to love more. You or the RPis 😳 ...
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